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Active Mesh Hat
Christopher Burnell
Best running hat.

This is the only hat I have ever found that I can run in. I absolutely love it for cool and cold days.

Top notch quality

Love it...but could use some improvements...

Love supporting small businesses and my chalk bucket has held up pretty good, however, it isn't fleece lined and chalk is now leaking out of the bag pretty badly. I also wish there was an option for magnetic closure as most companies are offering now. I am unfortunately, going to have to get a new chalk bucket as I am losing too much chalk and ruining my phone when I put it in the pocket from all the chalk leakage. I did reach out to the seller to inquire if the bags are machine washable and did not hear back.

Hi Meghan, sorry to hear you're not satisfied with your chalk bucket anymore. I apologize that you never received a response from us, I don't see a message from you in our customer service center. Please feel free to email if you're still interested in communicating. As a small business with limited production capacity, unfortunately we are not able to offer custom design features at this time. However, you can definitely wash your bucket by hand and hang it to dry. Hope that helps!

Mini Med Kit

Very well made, perfect size

Soft, True to Size, and Great Graphics

Who doesn’t love a soft, well fitting T with really cool graphics— definitely not me!

Active Mesh Hat
Cait Bourgault
Perfect hat!

I love my Oterra mesh hat! It's perfect for outdoor adventures, keeping my head protected but also cool! Also stylish for every day wear.

Active Mesh Hat
Adam Burnett
Great Hat!

Love the new active mesh hat! It's going to be perfect for ski touring this winter, which is the main reason I bought it. It's also great to wear the cranberry color! Delivery was super quick.

Active Mesh Hat
Allison Fisher
Fast Order Fulfillment!

The order was shipped so quickly after ordering, and arrived in a couple of days! Great customer service.

Mini Med Kit
Fits in a running belt!

I run, bike, and generally just find myself alone in nature, moving fast and light. Luckily, with this mini med kit, I don't have to sacrifice my personal safety in favor of carrying less weight. This kit has everything you need already loaded, and with just a few modifications you can use it for bikepacking, backpacking, and whatever other sorts of packing that you like to do. My favorite feature is that it is waterproof, so I can stash my key, some cash, an ID, and I have everything I need on my body in a watertight pouch. Highly recommend.

Great Chalk Bags

I ordered from the UK, came quickly and looks amazing. The bag lived up to, and exceeded, my expectations. Thanks for the great bag!

Mini Med Kit
Best kit ever!

I am an ultra runner and have been using a half sized ziploc bag to hold my medical/safety supplies....and replacing it ever time it ripped.

This mini-med kit is absolutely perfect. It holds everything I need securely. I love that it's waterproof and durable. It's very well made with a sturdy zipper. I used this on my 100mi race this weekend and it held all required items for easy access. Perfect for runners/hikers!

Mini Med Kit
Ilona Camarota
Must have for hiking

Perfect size. This comes with all the items you need for those unforseen accidents when hiking or traveling. The bag is super cute too!!

First Aid Kit
Michelle Devoe
Perfect size!

Great. Perfect size, big enough for all the goods but small enough to fit in my adventure pack. Also super cute and extremely well made!

It was fun to pick colour with my kids for this family chalk bucket. And everyone compliments the design when we’re out.

First Aid Kit
Stuart Johnson
Excellent Small Med Kit

This is a well constructed and well thought out small med kit, and it is so very stylish! It comes with the basics that are plenty sufficient for many adventures and there is enough room to augment it as needed. This med kit lives in my backpack and has kept the contents dry even when my pack is totally soaked. I outfitted my trail crew with these kits because they are wicked durable.


Durable, quality materials with plenty of function ability built-in. Awesome bucket!


The golden oak corduroy hat is so cute and comfortable and it’s already my go to hat for all activities from work to hitting the trails. I love the color and fabric and over all highly recommended!

Super high quality stuff with plenty of utility plus a customizable look? Look no further

Buy this bag

A little on the shallow side but one of the highest quality bags out there! Makes you look good too.

Durable and eye-catching

Erin at Oterra Designs was kind enough to customize my chalk bucket with two crescent moons, one for each of my daughters (pink and purple -- call me old fashioned). I like the durability of the materials used in this bucket, especially the rip-stop bottom. And there's a side pocket where I can stow my phone, wallet and keys! It was fun choosing the colors of the sky, background, and foreground peaks. Hopefully one of my girls will want this bucket when I'm too old and weak to hoist my body off the ground.

Cute, warm.

Nice and warm. Great color. Thanks for the sticker!

Great bag!!

This bag has been amazing, it's big and light. Super convenient for bouldering and I especially love the waterproof zipper. I bought the rust color and it really pops.

Solid construction, lovely design

Perfect sized bag to clip in to my harness. Easy closure, easy opening. Holds the perfect amount of chalk.
Artistic pattern. Super soft inner fabric. Great product.

Of the Earth Tee
Luke Lamb
5 stars

Great design and super soft. Love to be able to rep my home state anywhere I am!

First Aid Kit
Chrystina G.
Beautiful, thoughtful, great piece of gear

Love having this essential gear! Very well made, and well stocked, with a little extra space for my own specific essentials. Having one so nice (and knowing it was handmade by my neighbors) makes it fun to have along for the adventure. Might need an extra one soon for the other vehicle or an adventure-specific bag.