Mini Med Kit

Sometimes carrying a full First Aid Kit feels like overkill, but you know you still need something, just in case. We had trail runners, bikers, and multi-pitch climbers in mind when we designed this super compact med kit, but it would be smart to bring it along on any outdoor activity.

It's constructed out of all waterproof materials. Features reflective cords to make it easy to find in the dark. Has a hang loop that can be doubled up with the zipper pull for a secure carry. Plus it comes stocked with essentials, thoughtfully selected for users who are most likely moving fast on their day trip adventure.


Contents include:

2 Large Band-aids

2 Butterfly Bandages

2 Doses of Ibuprofen

1 Dose of Antihistamine

2 Doses of Pepto

1 Large Antiseptic Towelette

2 Pre-cut Strips of Kinesiology Tape 

5" Moleskin


5.5" x 3" x 1"

14g (0.5oz) bag only

 35g (1.2oz) with contents


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Very well made, perfect size

Jonathan Uribe
Fits in a running belt!

I run, bike, and generally just find myself alone in nature, moving fast and light. Luckily, with this mini med kit, I don't have to sacrifice my personal safety in favor of carrying less weight. This kit has everything you need already loaded, and with just a few modifications you can use it for bikepacking, backpacking, and whatever other sorts of packing that you like to do. My favorite feature is that it is waterproof, so I can stash my key, some cash, an ID, and I have everything I need on my body in a watertight pouch. Highly recommend.

Best kit ever!

I am an ultra runner and have been using a half sized ziploc bag to hold my medical/safety supplies....and replacing it ever time it ripped.

This mini-med kit is absolutely perfect. It holds everything I need securely. I love that it's waterproof and durable. It's very well made with a sturdy zipper. I used this on my 100mi race this weekend and it held all required items for easy access. Perfect for runners/hikers!

Ilona Camarota
Must have for hiking

Perfect size. This comes with all the items you need for those unforseen accidents when hiking or traveling. The bag is super cute too!!

Make it your own

This is not just another chalk bag. It’s been carefully crafted for you, the outdoor lover. Why not make it even more personal and pick out your own colors?