Rust Tectonic Chalk Bucket

This bucket is as strong as those boulders you’re wrestling.   The base material is a sturdy waterproof canvas and the bottom and exterior pocket are reinforced with ultra-durable DX40. Go ahead, toss this bucket around on any rock in any conditions; it was built to be abused!

The bucket stands tall and proud on its own, always ready for your next dip inside.

Low profile velcro closure works long after it's caked in chalk.

Pull tabs make the velcro a breeze to open, and when you’re done for the day, the top rolls down with a drybag-esque system that keeps your chalk inside where it’s supposed to be, not all over the rest of your gear.

There are two side elastic brush holders, sized slightly differently to secure the handle of your favorite tool.

A waterproof zippered pocket keeps valuables safe and a large stash pocket keeps the items you need most often easy to grab. 

11” tall, 8” wide, 6” deep

5.9 oz | 167g


Customer Reviews

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Great bag!!

This bag has been amazing, it's big and light. Super convenient for bouldering and I especially love the waterproof zipper. I bought the rust color and it really pops.

Make it your own

This is not just another chalk bucket. It’s been carefully crafted for you, the outdoor lover. Why not make it even more personal and pick out your own colors?